We have a collection solution to fit your business needs

BHK Financial, formerly Innovative Debt Recovery, Inc. (IDR), is a full-service collection agency that has customizable collection solutions that fit your business needs.

- Our Process -



First, we will speak with you about your specific collection needs. We want to know more about your specific case. Do you have multiple accounts that need to be placed on a regular basis? Do you have a single account that needs to be collected? We spend time listening to your needs so we can recommend the best solution. Our goal is to decide whether we would be a good match and if we are not get you in touch with someone who can help.


Create a Custom Approach

Next, we create a custom approach that is developed around your needs. We do not have a one size fits all solution. Every client we service has differences, even if they are in the same industry. We believe in maintaining your client philosophy during the collection process so we will focus on creating a process that protects your reputation and yields exceptional results.


On-boarding Procedure

Our onboarding process is simple: we agree on terms, and sign an agreement. We will provide login information for you to access our secure FTP site and send us data. We will send as confirmation that your account information has made it into our system. During this process, you can request access to monitor accounts online, or set up timing for status reports.


We Begin the Collecting on Your Account(s)

Lastly, we begin the process of collecting on your account(s). We assign your account(s) to a team that becomes a specialist in collections for your business. They are briefed on your philosophy and our customized collection solution. We will use active listening and negotiation skills to collect on your past due accounts while maintaining the highest integrity and adherence to regulations. We are here to give you updates when needed.

- Our Services -

If you have exhausted efforts to collect on a debt in-house, you may hire us to continue collection efforts though our agency. We work with a variety of industries to collect past due accounts on a contingency basis. We will make meaningful attempts to collect accounts and recover unpaid monies. Our staff are highly skilled experts that are trained in effective communication and compliance in the accounts receivable industry (ARM).

BHK Financial offers legal forwarding and management of accounts. Unlike some agencies, we keep your accounts moving through the escalation process by forwarding challenging accounts to be worked through our law firm. We will not recommend litigation unless an account meets all the criteria that would increase the likelihood of repayment should such action be taken. Our attorney’s will only file a lawsuit with written authority from our clients.

BHK Financial is experienced in judgement recovery. We can take court judgments and either collect them voluntarily or execute garnishments or asset seizures. We have a team of experienced skip tracers who are well versed in asset location or employment location which can result in getting you paid. We will also track the expiration timing and renew judgments so that you don’t lose the ability to collect in the future by losing a judgment to a statute of limitations. Our software will also keep perfect accounting of any accruing interest you may have been awarded.

BHK Financial works with other collection agencies that may have restrictions collecting in certain states. We will accept forwarded accounts at competitive rates.

Our executive staff is available as keynote speakers for conferences and seminars. We will also come to your business and conduct meetings with your staff to share our knowledge of best practices and train on collection techniques and skip tracing.

BHK Financial offers online account monitoring for large file clients. You may view your placed accounts in “real-time” to check on the status of an account to see where we are in the collection process. You may also leave notes on accounts through the system if you need to update information for an account.

BHK Financial prides itself on its superior knowledge of effective skip tracing techniques. Using state of the art database tools and intuitive and experienced skip tracers, we will locate new addresses, phone numbers, employment, relatives, and assets.

Commercial collections or collecting from a business can be very frustrating. Choosing a collections agency that doesn’t have the experience or the understanding in this area can be even more frustrating. BHK Financial has a team of dedicated and experienced commercial collectors that understand the complexities of negotiating repayment from businesses that may owe you money. With this knowledge, we have become a leader among our peers in the industry.

BHK Financial can report accounts to credit provide that the debt is verifiable and the client has collected all required information according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements.

Advanced Technology
We use the latest software and technology available to achieve fast results
Seminars on Collections
We enjoy speaking at seminars and are experts in collection methods and the FDCPA.
Online Services
We offer online payments, account monitoring, and account placement
Lasting Relationship
We want to make our clients happy. We have had most of the same clients since we opened our doors
Custom Solutions
We customize our collection approach to fit your business needs
Customer Care
We approach each consumer with integrity and maintain professionalism during each call