We are pleased to announce that Innovative
Debt Recovery is now BHK Financial.

We look forward to our continued relationships with our clients as we expand our services and build upon our successful past.

Our Services

Third-Party Collections

Exhausted efforts to collect on a debt in-house?  Hire us to continue collection efforts. Our experienced staff is trained to work with past due accounts from a variety of different industries. Contact us today to discuss our collection efforts and see how we can help you recover unpaid monies. 

Legal Collections

We offer Legal Forwarding. We keep your accounts moving through the escalation process by forwarding challenging accounts to our law firm. Litigation is not recommended unless an account meets specific criteria, and never without prior authorization. Read more about our collection process here.

Judgment Recovery

Our agency is experienced in Judgment Recovery. We accept court judgments and have a high success rate in reconciling them in a voluntary way. If needed, we are able to execute on a garnishment or asset seizure. Learn more about Judgment Recovery here


We take compliance very seriously. In the age of burdensome regulations, it is smart to entrust collection matters to an agency that prides itself on respect and the adherence to industry regulations. We have an in-house compliance officer that trains, monitors, and reports on compliance matters for our agency.  Read more about our pledge to compliance.

Commercial Collections

We have dedicated and experienced commercial collectors. Collecting from a business can be frustrating. Choosing an agency that doesn’t have the experience or understanding in this area can add to the frustration. We understand the complexities of negotiating repayment and have a great success record with commercial accounts. Read more about commercial collections here.


We have a great team of skip-tracers. We use state-of-the-art databases, tools, and techniques to locate debtors that have stopped responding to communication efforts. We discover new addresses, phone numbers, employers, relatives, and assets. Our team of experienced skip tracers update this information and pass it to our agents so they can pursue collection efforts. Read more about skip tracing here. 

Now you can pay online!

BHK Financial now has an online payment portal! We accept payments on your account by Visa or Mastercard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please have your reference number on-hand for the checkout process.

We Simplify Collections

We make doing business with us easy. We work based on a contingency structure.There’s no money up front on your end, and we don’t get paid until you do.

Looking for a Great Place to Work?

We are always looking for experienced agents to join our dynamic team. We offer great benefits, competitive pay, and commissions. We would love to see your résumé!